Happy Birthday

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Birthdays are moments to celebrate the year that has gone by and look towards the one ahead with hope and enthusiasm. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
On your birthday, I wish you all that you hope for.
When I was alone God sent you for me
To be a part of my secrets,
laughter and joy You shared my sadness and lightened my heart
Let me cherish the day when you were born
By wishing you a heartfelt
Happy Birthday!
Birthdays are good for health, the more you celebrate them, the longer you live.
May your birthday be filled with lots of lovely moments. May you continue to climb the ladder of success. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.
Lovely birthday wishes for a very special person.
As you grow older may you become more wiser.
Have a wonderful birthday.
Whatever dream you're dreaming
May each one of them come true
Whatever plans you're making
May they all work out for you
Happy Birthday!
May you continue to improve as a person with each passing year. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

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Birthdays are a time to say We hope you have the greatest day Laugh, smile and celebrate with friends
May the magical days show no ends!
Happy Birthday!
Today is a very special day. It is your birthday. May the day bring you new surprises and may all your dreams be fulfilled. Wishing you a very happy birthday.
A birthday bouquet of words I send to you -
May the days ahead be bright and colorful
Full of joy, happiness and friendship
May you continue to be
Such an uplifting and positive force in so many people's lives
And may your year ahead
Be blessed and happy - Always.
Birthday Wishes
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Happy birthday,
On this special day
May gladness fill
Your every hour
With joy to light your way.
Don't count candles
See the light,
Don't count years
Enjoy your life!
Your age doesn't matter,
the only thing that matters is how you feel!
Congrats on your big day - make it special!
It's as simple as ABC,
A birthday is more fun,
If you share it with me!
One more year older..
Well, it is better to think another way
you are just one more day older than yesterday.
Have a lovely Birthday!
General Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes
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You're a gift to the world. How's that for a reverse birthday wish?
Unknown quotes
So many candles such a small cake. Next year, may your birthday wish be a bigger cake.
Unknown quotes
Birthday Wishes
It must feel good to see a birthday wish on Facebook from someone you will actually see at your birthday party.
Unknown quotes
Birthday Wishes

Hurry it's a special day.
Eating ice cream ,candies and chocolate cake.
It's your birthday, let's celebrate!
With as much love, as I can share,
I wanted to let you know I care.
Sending lots of love your way,
On your very special day!
Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
Thank you for all the fantastic, loving and irreplaceable memories.

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